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Single Session Therapy

Heather will be offering 1-hour and 90-minute single session therapy sessions in person and virtually. 

What is it?

  • One-off, possibly longer session, to focus on one particular issue and give you the support you need. 

  • Committing to weekly sessions isn’t always possible, and we strongly believe that you should have the freedom to choose a different style of support that suits you. 

  • A single session would be a different style of session, but could be what you need if..

    • You’re interested in focusing on one issue and want to talk things through with a professional in a safe space. 

    • You’re struggling to find time in your schedule for regular, ongoing therapy sessions.

  • Client presents a concern and a goal(s) is constructed

  • Aim is to allow clients to leave the session with a sense of hopefulness, knowing that they have been heard, and feel reassured that they are capable of managing their problems 

  • The focus is on the problem as it occurs in the present and not on questions about the past or underlying causes

  • Therapist works collaboratively with the client to externalize the problem, elicit their reason for change, establish goals, and outline steps to work toward them

  • For many people, a single session is sufficient to take action toward making that small step in the direction they want 

The Benefits

The current fee for a one-hour session is $145 and $190 for a 90-minute session

  • You can access immediate help. Boooking single session therapy gives you the opportunity to access immediate help without having to deal with long waiting times. Even if you don’t have the time to tackle a big problem, you can gain quick relief from smaller issues and learn how to manage the emotions you’re experiencing more effectively. 

  • It’s solution oriented. The great thing about single-session therapy is that the time limit forces both the therapist and client to focus on one issue or goal. The approach is more structured, with the objective being that you leave the session with either a resolution or a coping technique that you can utilize going forward. 

  • You can budget for it. In practical terms, single-session therapy has the benefit of being easier to budget for. You know exactly what you need to pay and when. Can’t afford more than one session that season or year? Not a problem! This can be a one time cost without the expectation or pressure to continue engaging to experience the benefits. 

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