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Consultations & Workshops

consultation and workshops

Workshops & Education

Thrive offers customized mental health workshops and lectures to organizations, workplaces, and teams. The presenter will meet with you to determine the needs of the audience and create content that lays foundational information in the area you are wanting to learn more about. Based on the requested information, it may be recommended that there be a series of lectures and workshops, to scaffold learning and assess learning outcomes.

Workshops will come from a lens that blends research with practice-based knowledge and experiential learning. It would be a delight to speak at your organization, event, or conference. Presenters have experience providing workshops in the following:

  • Attachment and trauma

  • Burnout

  • Children's mental health

  • Exam and performance anxiety 

  • Mental health support for employees 

  • Organizational stress 

  • Phased trauma therapy 

  • Self-care

  • Trauma informed care

  • Trauma informed parenting & adoption

  • Trauma informed workplaces

  • Vicarious trauma

Please reach out today if you would like a tailored workshop or seminar created!


Consultation services are available for clinicians and practices to support them in their work. Consultations are helpful for clinicians who may be learning a new area of concern or therapeutic techniques, and the clinician is looking for support from someone with greater experience with that concern. These consultations may be focused on specific cases, a particular area of practice, or an aspect of professional development. Consultants have training and experience working with trauma, attachment, family and parenting support, adoption, and anxiety.

consultation and workshops
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