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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, please email to get in touch! 

How often should I come to therapy?

This is completely up to you. Most clients decide to come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; however, it is dependent on your needs and goals. This is something we can discuss further as you start your journey.

What can I expect in a therapy session?

In the first session, we will discuss confidentiality and expectations, and we will discuss your goals for therapy. We will spend time getting to know each other and becoming comfortable in the therapeutic space. Moving forward we will check-in at the beginning of each session based on current situations, follow up on insights from the previous session and realign with the goals that we set.

What is the cost and duration of each appointment?

Individual and EMDR psychotherapy sessions are $130 each session. Family therapy sessions are $150 per session.

Each appointment is 55 minutes in duration, the remaining 5 minutes will be used to write notes and plan for your next session.

Do you offer any low-income options or a sliding scale?

Yes, discounted rates are available for post-secondary students. Additionally, limited sliding scale rates are available for some clients. Please contact me directly for fee information.

Do you accept insurance?

Thrive Psychotherapy London does not directly process insurance payments. Psychotherapy services are covered by most extended health care benefits. Please check your coverage to ensure services provided by a “Registered Psychotherapist” will qualify under your benefits package. If your insurance company approves your therapist as a covered service provider, you will need to pay directly and submit your provided receipt to your insurance company. If you are an Ontario resident, you can claim the cost of non-reimbursed psychotherapy services as a “medical expense” on your income tax return.

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